Why BBD?

What is it like to work with BBD? It is a different experience for every client, since we recommend custom solutions tailored to your needs and not off-the-shelf answers.


After understanding your business needs and your aspirations we perform any necessary audit to make sure we have a complete picture of your situation. After an in-depth analysis of the facts we discuss the various possible scenarios with our clients. As strategy is worthless without successful execution, we initiate implementation and provide support to the existing managers on an ongoing basis, if necessary.


BBD´s team allocates and implements substance (e.g. functions, risks, employees, decision making powers and assets, etc.) in various jurisdictions and in different types of tax planning arrangements, such as holding, finance or IP structures, closely aligned with the business strategy of the client.

As part of the establishment of substantial presence in a jurisdiction, we bring together experienced executives who know how to make your business a success. We do not operate with agents, nominee director, nominee shareholders or any other artificial structures that cannot be defended before tax authorities.


We provide complete solutions that harmonize our clients` tax and business objectives

Although we strive to achieve early results, our business model is geared towards continuing assistance to our clients. Therefore, we are keen to elaborate a diligent follow-up strategy for each business that will produce clear long-term results.


Our core services are:



• Auditing of Global Tax Strategies
• External Compliance Support for Financial Institution
• International Corporate Restructuring
• Inbound and Outbound Structuring
• Global Compliance Services
• Elimination of Offshore Companies from Corporate Structure


Investment Identification & Due Diligence


• In-country representation by individually selected,
professionally qualified local industry specialists
• Recruitment / Appointment
• Management

Primary market research and market intelligence:


• Market Analysis
• Strategic Alliances and Partnering
• IP Strategy and Consulting
• IP Transactions and Licensing
• Global E-commerce Advisory Services