IP Strategies

BBD is an independent boutique international advisory firm providing a special “IP Strategies” service to assist firms and individuals with their operations.
Having successfully developed IP strategies for various medium and large size companies, BBD provides guidance throughout an IP management process, from IP strategy development to IP commercialization. Our main focus is on sales, marketing and project management. We help our clients in managing their IP portfolios by developing an IP strategy that is geared towards growth and a successful exploitation of their IP rights and inventions.

If you don’t have a competitive advantage, don’t compete.”

Jack Welch CEO General Electric

The decision on whether to invest in the development, protection and further commercialization of an intellectual property (IP) or any business idea is largely linked to the value of the competitive edge it provides or maintains.  Therefore it is important to establish effective strategies to develop and protect intellectual property. A well-structured IP management system can help protect products and determine revenue opportunities.
Developing an IP strategy and managing a portfolio of IP rights is challenging and demands a broad range of legal, financial, and technical expertise.

Develop an effective IP strategy and help to commercialize an invention

You have an invention and you wonder, “What should I do now?”
You will need help managing your invention. True inventors and many entrepreneurs thrive on the unknown, live for the excitement of the discovery, the chaos which surrounds exploration. But in order for an invention to be successful commercially, the chaos of invention must be transformed to the order of the business world. The design must be fixed. Dependable markets must be found and secured. A financial model must be developed, and must have enough basis in historical events to satisfy a skeptical investor. Even if you don’t expect to use an investor, the financial plan should still be developed with a investor’s skepticism as the standard. Without that standard, the risk/reward ratio of the project will be out of balance. If the ratio of risk to reward is too high, then there is no logical reason to proceed with the project.
As much as the inventor’s love of adventure, love of the unknown, love of exploration, drive the inventor to invent, that same love of adventure can cloud the inventor’s judgment, the inventor’s ability to achieve the required balance with the business world.
This is why it is important that the inventor secures to himself a small group of trusted advisors, namely the management team, who can, first, do things the inventor does not do well and, second, be objective regarding the realistic prospects for success of the invention.

We provide the following services:

• IP Strategy Development and Consulting
• As part of the overall IP Commercialization services, we provide sales and marketing support, project management, assistance in sourcing buyers, sellers, partners or investors
• Risk assessment of the IP – ownership issues, existing IP rights and issues having impact on future revenue streams
• IP Infringement Analysis
• Develop an IP Management System
• Primary market research
• Market Analysis
• Strategic Alliances and Partnering
• IP Transactions and Licensing
• Develop an exit strategy
• Global E-commerce Advisory Services